Worst evening wear and ugly prom dresses

Worst evening wear and ugly prom dresses

Ugly prom dresses that marked fashion


Dresses express many things and if you made a bad choice in style, it can give a bad result. A beautiful prom dress well chosen example will benefit you in all that you made. And conversely, an ugly prom dress may harm the image of the wearer. In the history of stars, it has been observed a few missteps on the prom dresses they choose to wear. Here are some examples of the worst prom dresses or evening dress worn by the stars and the details of these bad choices.


The perfect example of a ugly prom dress

The image of the ugly prom dress

ugly prom dress

The best way to see the image of a perfect ugly prom dress, it is in our stars. For example, in the ceremonies of the Grammy Awards in 2013, we could see these celebrities with the worst prom dresses we have ever seen. These stars of the red carpet is the evidence that everyone can have a bad taste at any time. And not necessarily because the dress is pretty expensive it is. It is true that when we see stars such as singers or actresses with dresses very ugly, sometimes we wonder what they are going through your head.


Ugly prom dress of Florence Welch

ugly prom dress


It was on the red carpet at a Grammy Awards 2013. Florence Welch shows us that she had a very bad taste in the choice of her prom dress during the ceremony. We can say that his talents fashionista hid during the evening she chose a dress so ugly. She chose to wear a long prom dress sequins green Givenchy. As you can see, we can say that the style is not valid. At least she did smile a dinosaur with this style on the red carpet at the Grammy Awards.

ugly prom dress

An ugly prom dress of the pretty Christina Aguilera


Another example ugly prom dresses artists who have made a misstep. This dress Christina Aguilera does not suit her at all with this style a little strange. I must say that this singer connects more of the fashion faux pas in terms of dress. She opted for a square cut that comes round his face and reveals its small flaws and also shows that the singer took a few curves.

ugly prom dress


This style of dress looks totally against taking the foot gives a result of dress ugly as it is harmony that is missing between her and her outfit. This dress in shades of purple is put forward too round shapes of the young woman, and this is what gives this bad effect. More she accompanied shoes is not at all adapted to the dress and the weight of the artist, look completely out of line.

ugly prom dress





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